Food is all around us. One of the major energy sources of the human being.  There’s a great deal of concern nowadays (mostly in the western world) about what we eat and this has a lot to do with the growing awareness over the entire food chain. How much of what we eat has a really natural source? How many processes have been carried along in order for us to have this or that kind of food in our plates? Good food is easy to recognize. Not only does it nourish your body, but gives you a boost of energy and a general feel of well being. It’s one of the direct carriers of Mother Earth’s vibrations, bringing them back to you in the most feeble manner. Good food can actually tune you back to your inner being.

I’ve discovered raw vegan food some 5 years ago through my very dear friend Cynthia and was totally into it for a while. Besides all rational claims about factory farming, processed food and its devastating effects on human health,  it brought me closer to a recollection of my own roots. All of a sudden I felt delighted to eat any kind of leaves and vegetables in their rawest state. My eyes were constantly cast on colors and textures and that completely changed my perception about food preparation. Soon enough, I was becoming more intimate to plants and their amazing existence.

Although what I eat now is not completely vegan or raw, I’ve definitely changed my eating patterns and considerably improved my general state of health. Other major changes followed shortly in my life. I think that a diet like this shouldn’t be about refraining from some types of foods, but rather about becoming more aware about what our real needs are.


Most often, when people ask me “what do you do?” I prefer joking a bit by saying “well, you know…just living!”. Just to tease out on how we could give ourselves more chances to interact genuinely, unspoiled by the intricate lenses of our social roles.

But as you took the time to visit this place precisely to find out more about myself, I’ll do my best to present what making a living can mean for me.

I always try to invest an equal amount of effort and fun in what I’m doing and working as a freelancer has surely served me some good lessons here. Throughout time I learned that creativity and intuition are my most trustful guides and that commitment is likely to keep it light while I work things out to a good end.

My areas of interest spread from vegan cooking, sewingcrafting and haircutting, to more abstract activities such as photography or writing. I love getting involved in worthy projects and I’m always eager to meet inspiring people on the way. I believe that the value of all work emerges from delivering that sense of well being to others. And that by enjoying my work I can make others truly benefit from my creations.

So just make a wish!


***photo credits: Baiatul Cu Hanorac Verde

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