Vegan food can be pretty fancy. Yet considerably easier to digest than most of the fancy stuff you’re used to 🙂

Check for yourself and contact me in case you have an event, a gathering or you’re simply out of ideas for your family reunion. It can be finger food, spreads, marinades, curries, cakes, energy drinks and much more. Twisty cooked dishes and light vegetarian ones pair fantastic the raw combinations. All amazingly good looking so your guests will relish and dive into the whole experience.

Family celebrations , 2016

with Dionisie Lupu

Yoga Retreat @ Razvad, August 2016

with Dana Nedelcu

Organic Days @ Gradina Sticlarilor & Carturesti, July 2016

with Dionisie Lupu

Organic Days @ OAR, September 2015

with Dionisie Lupu & Viviana Marza

(photo credits: Baiatul Cu Hanorac Verde)

Amza’s Birthday Party, August 2015 

Noe’s Baptism Celebration @ Crayon Club, August 2015 

Childrens’ Celebrations @ Crayon Club, 2015

2014 Bucharest Czech Center Christmas Party

(with Ioana de Verde)

Ema’s Baptism Celebration @ Nămăiești, 2014 

with Cynthia Canela (photo credits: Alex Shada & Cynthia)

2013 Christmas Party @ Czech Centre in Bucharest

with Jakub Hlousek (photo credits: CC)

Organic Day @ J’ai Bistro, July & August 2013

with Marin & Amy Dinescu (concept creators/ photo credits)

Prana Babylon @ Street Delivery 2013

with Marin & Amy Dinescu (concept creators/ photo credits)

Film Workshop @ Make a Point, 2012

with Cynthia Canela (photo credits: Cynthia)

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